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Triton Towing Impounded & Abandoned Vehicles (01/19/22)

**Approval to Bid REQUIRED, once registered** 

NOTE: Auction approval can take up to (1) business day. Please contact us at (512) 251-2780, Monday - Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST to expedite this process.


Preview is Tuesday, January 18th From 9am - 5pm.

For questions pertaining to these vehicles, contact Triton Towing at (512) 909-6450

Vehicles are located at 11514 Cameron Rd, Austin TX 78754

Viewers are restricted to the current auction area only; if found outside the designated area, you will be asked to leave the property and not allowed back!

All vehicle contents must remain in car, littering WILL NOT be tolerated.

All vehicles not removed by 01/21/2022 will be put outside of the secure area for removal and we will NOT be responsible for any damages or theft.

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