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LOT # 500
Currency: USD | Category: Coins, Bullion, Currency & Stamps | Seller: Western District of Missouri | Start Price: $1085 | Increment Value: $20.00 | Number of bids: 37

Current Bid: $2,510.00

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Bidding Ends: 01/20/2022 12:00 PM CST

High Bidder: r****0

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Last Updated: 01/05/2022 1:20 PM CST

COIN: [1] 2005 D Lincoln cent face value COINS: [371] (1) 1835 Half Cent damaged, (1) 1805 Large Cent date hard to read. (8) Indian Head Pennies circ 1883 - 1907. (4) Indian Head Pennies AU: 1-1902, 1-1903. 2-1906. (1) 1865 IHC AG, (1) 1866 IHC Corroded G, (1) 1867 IHC G corroded. (1) 1908 S IHC VG cleaned, (1) 1889 IHC Double struck AU. (50) Lincoln pennies 1915 - 1958 circulated and common dates Wheat pennies. (20) 1959 - 1982 Memorial pennies. (1) 1909 VDB AU Penny, (3) 1910 S Pennies (VG,2- AG). (1) 1911 S penny Fine cleaned. (2) 1913 D Pennies VG. (1) 1914 S penny fine. (1) 1915 S penny VG. (2) 1916 S penny XF and AU. (1) 1919 S penny AU, (1) 1926 S penny fine. (1) 1939 S penny BU. (1) 1972 DDO penny unc spots. (1) 1865 Two Cent piece AG. (1) 1858 3 Cent Piece XF details damaged. (1) 1855 Half Dime Counterstamped. (1) 1857 Half Dime VF cleaned. (2) 1867 Shield Nickels AG corroded. (1) 1868 Shield Nickel AG damaged. (1) 1869 Shield Nickel VF corroded, (1) 1870 Shield Nickel F Corroded, (1) 1872 Shield Nickel VF Corroded. (6) 1890 -1896 Liberty Nickels AG/G common dates. (1) 1883 Liberty nickel no cents VF, (1) 1884 Liberty Nickel VG, (1) 1894 Liberty Nickel Good, (1) 1907 Liberty Nickel VF. (16) 1913 - 1937 Buffalo Nickels circ common dates. (1) 1913 Buffalo nickel type 1 XF, (1) 1915 D Buffalo Nickel VG Corroded. (28) 1939 -1977 Jefferson Nickels various grades common dates. (1) 1939 D Jefferson Nickel AU spots. (2) 1939 S Jefferson Nickel circ. (1) 1943 P Jefferson Nickel circ. (1) 1944 S Jefferson Nickel Unc. (1) 1950 D Jefferson Nickel AU. (1) Bust Dime holed no date, (1) 1829 Bust Dime Good. Seated Liberty Dimes: (1) 1837 AG, (1) 1851 VG, (1) 1874 VF Cleaned, (1) 1876 CC XF Cleaned, (2) 1877 F damaged. (1) 1877 CC Fine cleaned, (1) 1887 VF Cleaned. Barber Dimes: (2) 1913 S both G. (1) 1895 S AG. Mercury Dimes: (8) 1917-1945 circ common dates. (1) 1918 D AU cleaned, (1) 1921 AG, (1) 1921 D AG, (2) 1926 S VG, (1) 1929 D XF, (1) 1945 Unc., (1) 1945 D Unc. Roosevelt Dimes: (23) 1965-1980 common dates various grades. (1) 1949 S Circ. Uncirculated: (1) 1946, (2) 1946 D, (2) 1947 D, (1) 1948 D, (1) 1950 D, (1) 1951 D, (1) 1952 D, (2) 1952 S, (1) 1953, (1) 1953 S, (1) 1958.Seated Quarters: (1) each: 1858 VG, 1875 VF, 1876 CC VG. Barber Quarters (1) each: 1894 O AG, 1895 O AG, 1905 S Fine. Standing Liberty Quarters: 1927 VF, (2) 1927 S G & VG, 1928 S VF Cleaned. Washington Quarters (1) each: 1940 BU, 1944 D AU, 1945 S AU, 1947 D BU, 1954 D AU, 1976 S Silver BU. (24) 1966-1978 Washington Quarters common dates, various grades. (1) 1958 Franklin Half Dollar BU. (14) 1971-1976 Kennedy Half Dollars common dates AU/BU. (1) 1893 Columbian Expo half dollar AU cleaned. (1) 1923 S Monroe half dollar VF. (1) 1946 Booker T. Washington half dollar AU toned. (1) 1951 Washington Carver half dollar AU. (1) 1787 Austrian Thaler Restrike Unc. (8) Johnson Mathey 5 gram silver bars - seven are in bezels. (5) Maximiliano 8k gold tokens. (1) 25 cent seated LOVE token, (2) Tokens - Copies of coins. Mexico 5 peso silver coins: (2) 1947, (1) 1948. Canadian Coins (1) each: 1917 1 cent VF, 1941 5 cent circ., 1947 5 cent circ, 1928 5 cent VF, 1886 5 cent VF, 1940 10 cent Circ., 1953 10 cent circ. 1940 25 cent, 1952 25 cent, 1953 25 cent, 1959 25 cent all circ., 1921 25 cent F, 1917 50 cent VG, 1932 50 cent VG, 1953 $1 Unc, 1840's token corroded. German Coins: 1 Mark (1) each: 1875 D Unc, 1881 J VG, 1892 J VF, 1896 F VF, 1900 E VF, 1901 A VF, 1914 D AU. (1) 1925 E VF 1 Reichs Mark , (1) 1925 D 1 Reichs Mark F. (2) 1925 J Reichs Mark J VF. (2) 1935 D 5 Reichs Mark XF and AU, (1) 1936 A 5 Reichs Mark AU. (1) 1911 A Drei Mark XF Prussia. (1) YR.20 Japan Yen VF. (1) 1971 Israel 10 Shekel Unc. (1) 1908 Switzerland 10 Rappen XF. (1) 1923 Poland 20 Groszy AU. (1) 1933 France 1 Franc Circ. (1) 1833 Sweden 1 Skilling F. (1) 1912 Sweden 1 Krona VF. (1) 1942 Australia 3 pence VF. (1) Hong Kong 10 cents Fine.

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Third party shippers may be necessary on glassware, fragile or oversized items. Quotes can be obtained directly from the shippers below past customers have used: 

NOTE: These shippers will come and retrieve items if hired, package and ship. The customer is responsible to make their own arrangements.

Buyers can also provide their own shipping label. There is typically a minor charge for packaging and handling. 

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Location: Texas


The merchandise is located at 1420 FM 685, Pflugerville, TX 78660. Please contact G&S at or 512-251-2780 for more info.